Our Story

At Precision Solar & Battery, we believe in creating a future where you are in control of your own power.

We’re passionate about power and our team reflects this in the way we interact with clients, carry out installations and our willingness to learn more about the industry wherever possible. Drawing energy from the sun has a range of benefits, including lower electricity bills and environmental benefits. Advancements in solar and battery technology have also made it more affordable and reliable, but only if installation is done properly, and precisely.

Precision” encapsulates the process of our entire operation from first contact to installation, to follow up visits months down the track. Solar and battery technology is now advanced enough for customers to no longer rely on their power supplier, and instead rely on their own power. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult for customers to find a reliable solar company to get them started or they’re often forgotten once the installation is complete. We’re here to change that narrative by providing transparent and open communication in this often-uncertain transition phase to off-grid power systems.

We believe in tailoring solar and battery solutions to individual customers to make sure they can maximise the money they save, as well as the good they can do for the environment. Precision Solar & Battery is a customer driven company aiming to provide sustainable energy across the globe through innovative technology and services.

our story

Our Mission

At Precision Solar, our vision is to thrive as a customer driven company providing sustainable energy across the globe. Ensuring we have access to every different type of system on the Australian market is paramount and we continue to update our database of offers to guarantee we stay ahead of the game.

Customers are at the centre of everything we do which is why we pride ourselves on instilling our core values in our team; family, honesty, passion and accountability. We’re all looking for ways to save on money and reduce stress when it comes to the daily running of our home. Electricity is often one of the biggest utility bills you’ll find in your letter box or inbox. We want to ease the burden that big bills carry for households by providing not only an efficient system but one that is advanced, affordable and best suited to your specific lifestyle.

Typically, solar is a “one and done” deal, but we want to do more. That’s why we take a service-minded approach and continue engaging with customers after the sale to make sure all their needs are delivered precisely as required. With our growing clientele and return customer base, Precision Solar & Battery is fast becoming one of the largest installers of solar and battery products throughout Australia.

our story

Meet the Team

At Precision Solar and Battery, we pride ourselves on having an accredited, experienced, and professional team. Whether it’s a conversation over the phone, an in-person consultation or one of our installers in your home, we treat every inch of your project with clear communication and transparency. Not only do we commend all our clients for making the shift to solar or battery power, but we also want to make sure the process was seamless for you as our customer. We’re your solar power and battery experts from consultation to completion, and beyond due to our commitment to follow ups and extending the relationship beyond the installation date. You’ll hear from familiar voices over the phone and see familiar faces throughout the process to ensure your energy needs are met, without taking too much energy out of you. We understand it’s the little things that matter, from setting up your WIFI connection and ensuring appliances have power, to discussing your warranty and seeing how we can assist in reducing your power bills even further.

A happy client is a win for us; precisely.