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Solar Panels

As the most accessible source of renewable energy, solar power allows customers to step away from relying on their power supplier and move towards being in control of their own power. We design our solar power solutions based on your individual power needs, to ensure you maximise the amount of energy you generate and maximise your savings.

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  • Produce and store clean, renewable energy
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Energy independence – putting you in control
  • Contribute towards a carbon neutral world in the future
  • Secure a rebate
  • Low maintenance
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How it works

As the most accessible source of renewable energy, solar power allows customers to step away from relying on their power supplier and move towards being in control of their own power. Solar panels convert the power of the sun into usable power that sustains your home. Energy can still be generated on a cloudy day, but you want to minimise the amount of shade covering your panels from trees and buildings.

  • We start the process with a customised in-home consultation, where we work with the homeowner to understand their needs and motivations to tailor a solution to suit their lifestyle.
  • We offer no-deposit, no-interest payment options for interested clients- this allows you to use the money you would normally pay to your power company to pay for the system (no out-of-pocket expense)!
  • We utilise products from industry leading manufacturers and within 3-4 weeks your system will be installed by one of our chosen installation partners, complete with solar certification.
  • We provide an end-to-end service ensuring customers need not do anything besides open the door for our team on arrival.

Usually, the power generated from solar is more than enough to power the appliances in your home. That’s why we offer battery solutions that store excess energy generated by your panels, so none of it goes to waste.

Solar Maintenance & Repairs

While solar panels are a great way to generate power and save on your electricity bill, they need to be working precisely to maximise their effectiveness. Even just one faulty panel can reduce the output of your entire solar panel array, which is why we prioritise customer service and continue engaging with you long after installation. We’re not a one-and-done service, we pride ourselves on our follow up procedures and our commitment to seeing your home maximise the system, reducing your electricity bills even further. We want to make sure you always get the most out of your investment.

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How much does solar save?

Customers who transition to renewable energy with Precision solar and battery solutions typically see electricity bills reduced by up to 80%, and an increase in their property value. The money you save from moving to solar will go towards paying for the panels – typically the solar panels pay for themselves within 2 to 3 years. Relying on solar and battery power also means you’re less prone to black outs as you’re not depending on your power supplier. That means you’ll save on any hassles that come with outages and will be fully self-reliant on your own power.

If you’re curious about getting a rough idea as to how much you could reduce your reliance on electricity companies through implementing a solar + storage solution, try our online power savings calculator.

Solar Rebate

As Australia moves towards renewable energy, the government has put incentives in place to encourage people to install solar energy systems. Installing a Precision solar and battery system will make you eligible to redeem a financial incentive available nation-wide through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. There are also extra rebates and grants available depending on where you live.

Your power supplier may also pay you for any extra electricity generated by your solar panels that you feed back into the grid!

Best Solar Systems 2021

We only use the best products created by leaders in the solar industry to ensure the solar systems we install function precisely and efficiently and maximise your savings. We couple global leading energy brands with top-performing manufacturers to create tailored energy solutions designed specifically to your needs.

Our top 3 solar systems:

  • Growatt Inverter with Leapton Panels (440w)
  • APS Microinverter System with Leapton Panels (440w)
  • SolarEdge Inverter with Leapton Panels

Our top 3 battery systems:

  • 10.56kW – 5kW Growatt Hybrid Inverter with Leapton Panels (440w) + 6.5kW Growatt battery – comes with off-grid functionality!
  • 9.6kW – 5kW Sofar Hybrid Inverter with Leapton Panels (440w) + 10kW Sofar battery
  • 12.8kW – Senec V3 Hybrid System – Inverter + Battery in One – 10kW Storage

Off-Grid Solar System

Reliable and versatile stand-alone systems are available to give you complete control over your own power. Installing an off-grid solar system means generating your own power, day and night, without ever needing to rely on your power supplier. Our high quality off-grid systems prioritise simplicity, efficiency, and safety – you’re investing in a low maintenance, easy-to-use solar and battery solution to save on your electricity bill, up-value your property, and do your part to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Each off-grid system is tailored to suit the design of your property and ensure maximum efficiency.

Hybrid Solar Systems

The middle-ground solution for those wanting to transition towards being in control of their own power. Hybrid solar systems generate electricity from sunlight, and store excess solar energy in a battery to use at night or when there isn’t enough sun. In the event there isn’t enough energy being generated from your solar panels or stored in your battery to power your appliances, you still have the grid as a back-up!

For most of our customers, hybrid solar systems are the most efficient and affordable way of moving away from relying on their power supplier, reducing their electricity bill, and always having reliable power.

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